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Prize Regulations

1: These regulations apply to the ‘Best Product of the Year' election in the United Kingdom and the prizes that we raffle to consumers related to this election, hereinafter referred to as 'the campaign'. The regulations have been set up by Q&A Insights Europe BV, with its registered office in Amersfoort (hereinafter Q&A).

2: Participation in the ‘Best Product of the Year' election and campaign is possible for persons aged 18 and over. Participation is excluded for employees of all parties involved in the realization of this action.

3: The contest will run from 25 February to 22 April 2021.

4: Participants playing from abroad are not entitled to claim the mentioned prizes if their execution is impossible/very difficult for Q&A.

5: Participation will take place as indicated by Q&A. The participant takes part in the ‘Best Product of the Year' election, votes for his favourite product and in this way has a chance of winning prizes from the prize package. If the participant casts a valid vote, he automatically participates in the campaign. You cast a valid vote if you have completed the questionnaire, entered a valid email address and if your vote is not rejected by one of the fraud checks (see article 7). The participant has a chance to win prizes from the prize package, which means the email address will be included in the prize raffle.

6: Each participant has a chance to win prizes from the prize package. Reviewing more products increases the chances of winning the prizes. Participation in the campaign means acceptance of these prize rules.

7: In the event of fraud or unlawful influence on the campaign, Q&A reserves the right to exclude participants, to refuse to grant prizes or to allow the right to a prize to expire without giving any reason.

8: The prize package* of this campaign consists of:

  • 2 x JBL Flip Speaker worth € 99.99.

  • 2 x Google Home worth € 99.99.

The total value of the prize package is: € 399,96.
*If the above prices are no longer available at the time of purchase, the winner will receive a similar product.
*The individual costs remain below the amount on which gambling tax must be paid.

9: If incomplete and/or incorrect (personal) data are provided during participation, Q&A will be entitled to exclude the participant from further competition and it may be decided to exclude the right to the prize to be won.

10: The winners will be announced by Q&A in week 25 of 2021. Prize winners will be informed individually by e-mail about the prize they have won.

11: No correspondence can be entered regarding the result. The prices cannot be exchanged for cash. Winners will be informed personally no later than 31 January 2021.

12: Prize winners have four weeks to respond to the message received. If no response is received within the set time period, the right to the price expires.

13: In the e-mail sent to the winner, permission will be requested to include his/her name and place of residence on the winner's page. If no explicit permission is given, the prize winner will not be mentioned.

14: Q&A reserves the right to replace the prize that is won with a comparable prize (in the event of incorrect delivery, defect or theft).

15: In cases in which these regulations don't provide, Q&A will decide.

16: Q&A is not accountable for any (consequential) damage of participants or third parties that may result from this campaign. This also applies to problems and consequential damage caused by the spreading of information on the internet or technical malfunctions.

17: All intellectual property on the content of this site, including all texts, images, layout, software or other information, is the property of Q&A.

18: This campaign is organised by Q&A in accordance with the Code of Conduct on Promotional Games. Complaints about this campaign can be addressed to Q&A Insights Europe BV, Printerweg 22 in Amersfoort (secretariaat@qanda.nl).